Posted by: Sarah | March 30, 2006

the world as you have never before imagined it…

I’m riding a high, unlike anything else, that will trickle off much sooner than I want it to. The passion, the ideas, the inspiration, the abundant waves of culture, the PEOPLE are more than I ever could have hoped for. Despite the fact that every single person I know who had been in this type of setting before had “warned” me that it would change my life, no one could have really prepared me for how true this was.

Brodie warned us during one of our presentations the other day about how strongly people rely on “highs”, regardless of what they come from, and challenged us to remember that AIESEC DOES NOT happen at conferences, but rather, that the magic and the mission TRULY takes place when you are able to ride out that high and bring the conference back home with you.

watch out Madtown, here I come.



  1. I’m exciting for you to be back. Helen misses you….but I’m thinking the feeling isn’t mutual.

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