Posted by: Sarah | March 22, 2006

and i can smell the ocean, the salt in the air…

Emotions are running high these days.

I’m starting to feel the pressure of my crazy idea of planning two international excursions, nearly back to back, right at that crucial midterm point of the semester…and my very last semester at that. Instead of staying focused on the research paper rough draft and French midterm that are due tomorrow, my mind has found a million other things to occupy itself with. The list keeps getting longer of things to do, things to buy, things to pack, bills to pay, emails to send… I finally finished unpacking and doing a million loads of laundry (I think I brought home at least a few pounds of sand from the beach in my suitcase), just in time to repack my bags.

Yet, I don’t mind at all. The glass of chianti next to my laptop may be helping that just a little. But seriously, every minute of hassle and lack of sleep is so completely worth it. When I travel, I feel alive. I feel that rush of passion that can’t quite by explained or replaced by anything else on earth. The chance to step out of your comfort zone and into another culture, the awkward situations and uncertainty, the lack of familiarity that so many shy away from…and that I thrive on. Gotta mix things up, keep it from getting too easy.

Overall assessment of Jamaica: amazing. The culture and the people were unlike anywhere that I have ever been before. I could probably go on forever about my impressions of the country itself, but I’ll leave that for another time, or the studying will really never happen. It was a wonderful feeling to bust out the passport for the first time since sophomore year. And I’m not gonna lie, I needed a week of relaxing on the beach, hanging out with some amazing chicas, and rockin’ it out to some crazy parties at Margaritaville. We met some great people and Melissa and I randomly ran into a bunch of our guy friends from freshman year in the dorms. seriously, Chadbourne follows you everywhere…

Time to git ‘er done. Colombia is so close, I can almost feel it.


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