Posted by: Sarah | February 24, 2006

dreaming of sunny skies…

anna and i went in to talk to our latin american studies prof this afternoon to let him know that we would be missing 2 classes while we were at the conference. we felt a little bad about it considering that the class only meets once a week, but it turns out that we didn’t need to worry at all. his response: “that will be such an awesome experience. you could probably base your entire research paper for this semester on things you learn while you are down there and the conversations you have with people from different backgrounds. i can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.”

yessssssssssssss. 🙂

counting down to spring break and the sunny beaches of jamaica with some of the best friends in the world. the past week or so has been kinda rough. i’m hoping that this much needed break will help me reenergize for the rest of the semester until *gasp* graduation…



  1. wow…

  2. graduation party!!! weeeeeeeee

  3. i think you should just pretend to graduate sarah.

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