Posted by: Sarah | February 17, 2006

Quieres ir conmigo?


It’s official. The email was waiting for me when I woke up for work this morning.

Hi Sarah, your name is in the second list of delegates sent by AI, I´m sending the list with the aprooved delegates names today, but you are aprooved. There are some logistic info missing, but we can sort this out later. So see you in Colombia!

Why isn’t anyone else awake at this ridiculously early hour for me to celebrate?! Even my roommates are still sleeping! I guess I can wait a few hours, there should be more than enough celebrating at ROKS this weekend to make up for it 🙂 My passport has been collecting too much dust sitting on the shelf. This is a good feeling.

off to Barriques…



  1. congratulations sarah!!!!!!



  4. That conference will blow your mind.

  5. indeed

  6. congratulations! shall we celebrate next weekend with a oldies dance? or how about a night of cabaret?

  7. I won’t say congrats because everyone else did- but Way to GO Kiddo! (that’s what my dad always says to me)

  8. take me with you

  9. take me

  10. you can all come with me 🙂

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