Posted by: Sarah | February 14, 2006

stuck in the middle…

Over the past year, AIESEC has turned my life in a completely new and unexpected direction. People had told me that it would open up new opportunities like never before and that I would make some of the best friends of my life. This couldn’t be more true. The more I put into it, the more I get out. CLICHE? yes. but still true. Our group has become the people that I turn first to, to go out with, to study with, to hang out with, to talk serious life stuff with. And I’m so grateful for it all.


Out of nowhere tonight, I found myself in the middle of a situation that I am completely clueless about what to do. My friends mean the world to me, and I would do anything for them. Which is why it stung that much more when I realized that I may have let down some very important people in my life. I need to make a pretty big decision, which either way, will mean a big sacrifice. Where do I draw the line between following my heart, grabbing an opportunity of a lifetime, which is what I am inches away from doing, and being there for friends who need me?

24 hours ago, AXLDS was 100% go. Now I’m not so sure.



  1. there’s a difference between screwing over, and letting down. If you’re letting friends down in order to grasp an awesome opportunity that might be more important to you, good friends should get over that (although it shouldn’t happen often). However, if you’re screwing friends over in order to take an opportunity for yourself, that might be crossing the line into selfish land. It all depends though. Good luck!

    IT sounds like you’re doing awesome work in the Madtown, and having an amazing experience doing it. You should go to Colombia if you won’t lose friends over it. It sounds like it is much deserved. I’m looking into Philippines AXLDS…a dilemma of different sorts plays a factor in this decision. Good luck!

  3. pre·dic·a·ment

    1. A situation, especially an unpleasant, troublesome, or trying one, from which extrication is difficult.

    unfortunately i think you have one on your hands right now 😦

    ps: don’t worry things will turn out:) and as i stare down at my fortune cookie wrappers from sat night- one pops out at me:

    “only you can decide what is important to you.”

    and oh yea: your lucky numbers are 25,26,29,30,31,41

  4. i think your friends should understand about you grabbing this opportunity.. my friends understood and they call me everyday 🙂 don’t worry things will just unravel by itself.. 🙂

  5. it’s all good, i’m not gonna let this one pass me by.

    mes chers amis, je vous aime tous!! merci pour le conseil!

  6. oh sarah- enough with the french! We dont’ understand! 🙂 or at least i don’t aha muah! happy valentines day !!

  7. I feel smart because I do understand Sarah’s French.. even though she’s better at it then me

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