Posted by: Sarah | February 2, 2006

Gonna need some serious caffine tomorrow morning…

Working at 5:30 am sucks any day of the week. But Thursdays are probably the worst day of all…usually because that means I have to cut my evening at Brats short in order to wake up at 4:30 the next day. I am usually up for any excuse to go out in the middle of the week…today was Drews’ 21st bday and Betsy was in town for the evening, but I missed out on both so I could come home and go to bed early. I have so much on my mind at the moment that I can’t even sleep anyway. lame.

AIESEC has been intense lately. My roommate and I have gotten to the point of emailing each other to make plans to hang out because even though we share a room, we never see each other. But intense in a good way, in that I like that I am pushing myself to make more and more time for it. The past couple days I have been in the complete opposite role of where I was just a few months ago…semester turnover from being a newbie to interviewing newbies. It was an interesting experience, a completely different perspective, which I enjoyed much more than I had anticipated. When all was said and done, after some difficult “post-interview” discussion with the rest of the EB, I was happy with how everything played out. One guy that we interviewed asked us if AIESEC turned out to be what we had expected when we had first interviewed. My instant response was: not at all. My initial interest was like many people who don’t join until later in their college career, I wanted to do a traineeship once I graduated. I never would have guessed that I would get as hooked as I have….

Mini-road trip to Sunburst ski hill on Friday. After getting slightly stressed…ok, Tanja and Ryan will attest, I may have been a little more than “slightly” stressed…transportation finally came through and everything should work out. Advice from Sarah W: don’t break any bones, guys! hmmm. We’ll work on that.

Next mission: anyone have a house that want to let us borrow for our newbie social next week Friday??


  1. Thanks for all of your help Sarah. And for changing your AIESEC ‘plans’- you’ve been a huge asset. I knew you’d come around.. besides, I was gonna pressure you in French class anyway (when I go!)

  2. oh goodess- my friend told me we was coming to madison this weekend and we should hang out. I said, “not friday, I’m going snowboarding.” HOW FLIP’N AWESOME IS THAT?

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