Posted by: Sarah | January 29, 2006

These are days…

The best kind of nights are the ones that stretch into the early hours of the next morning when you’ve had so much fun with such amazing people that you can’t even remember where the time went…

Earlier this morning, I found myself once again wrapped up with every single possible question surrounding MY FUTURE, and once I start to think about it, it’s hard not to let my mind wander. A day no longer goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about post-grad plans, where I plan to go, what I plan to do. The truth is that I am both scared shitless and excited as hell. In only a few months from now, my life will change completely from anything I have ever known, and yet it doesn’t seem possible that I’m two weeks into my very last semester at Madison. I’m torn between the need to venture somewhere else, start my next adventure, experience the completely alive sensation of falling into the middle of a brand new culture, and the fear of leaving some of the most important people in my life, the ones who have been there for me through everything.

Which is why nights like these are so priceless, when my friends make everything right, without even meaning to, just by being there, and making me smile. Planning spring break with Mel, driving around aimlessly with Jack, drinking wine and dancing like a fool with Shannon in the kitchen at work to oldies on the radio, a hug from Kyle, smoking shisha and laughing with Ali, Jenna, and Grace until 4am…as long as the semester is filled with nights like this, I think I just might be able to handle that whole graduation deal in May.



  1. *sigh* life is good

  2. Life will keep surprising you no matter where you are. That is the good part.
    “caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar”

  3. definitely good times

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